Friday, July 9, 2010

ta ta trouble

Dealing with boy trouble. Boy I like might have a new spontaneous gf. I have only considered two guys in the past two years, this is one of them....

LORD, have it, have more of it, more. I can't keep standing next to the world's standards, i can't. You are my love. Dear love, orchestrate my life. Decisions have been hard for me to make lately, and I feel like every decision is an opportunity to fail...but you, great lover, give me that opportunity. haha.

this is to you, my breathe, my emotions, my laughter, my life. for you*

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My heart cut open

I will waste my life, emptying my heart out like a purse, running my love like a fossit. Devoted to you, in spite of wavering emotions and situations. LORD, i love you. LORD, your love inspires me, it prompts me, it calls me. You're the why beind my what. You're the reason that i dance, you're the one i sing to.